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Graduate Profile

Vicente & Briones Students will:


Demonstrate Self-Understanding & Awareness

  • Thinks and projects into the future by setting goals
  • Identifies personal interests
  • Understands personal strengths


Understand Post-Secondary Options

  • Understands post-secondary systems
  • Understands relevance of school in working towards and meeting college/career goals

Exemplify Work-Readiness Competencies

  • Understands expectations for attendance and punctuality
  • Takes initiative and participates fully on tasks and projects
  • Gives best effort, evaluates own work and utilizes feedback to improve performance
  • Works collaboratively and communicates effectively with individuals and teams

Recognize Social Emotional Well-Being Needs

  • Seeks to control own emotions and behavior even under stress 
  • Openness to access mental health services

Embrace Diversity

  • Respects diversity in race, gender and culture
  • Avoids the use of language that stereotypes others